Royale Bundle Up Contest


Royale is giving away 150 bundles of products valued at $50 each to celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday.

It free and easy to win, just go to the Royale Contest Page and enter your email address and home address.  After entry, it gives you your choice of a coupon to print for one of their products!

Good luck to everyone!


Healthy Essentials Program

Save money, make money!

Healthy Essentials is a great way to save on Johnson & Johnson products as well as earning gift cards.  The program is simple, you earn points and when you reach 100 points you can then redeem them for gift cards.

Ways to Earn Points:

Print Coupons:  Earn 2 points for each of the first four coupons you print each week.

Redeem Coupons:  Earn 6 points for each coupon that you redeem at retail stores

Write Reviews:  Earn 4 points for each of the first three product reviews you write per calendar month

Healthy Essentials Listens:  Earn 8 points when you sign up for the HEALTHY ESSENTIALS® Listens Panel

Your Profile:  Earn 10 points when you complete your HEALTHY ESSENTIALS® member profile

Sign Up:  Earn 5 points just for signing up!

Now let’s go through this.  If you sign up (5 points), complete your profile(10 points) , join the Healthy Essential Listens(8 points), print out 4 coupons per week(32 points)  and write 3 reviews(12 points) in the first month, you will have earned 67 points.  Now if you redeem 6 coupons you will have earned enough to redeem a gift card.  Keep in mind, that these coupons are usually high value coupons.  Even if you don’t purchase any of their products, just by printing coupons every week you will earn 32 points a month and every 3 months or so you will quality for a gift card.  How simply is that?  What I do though, is bring my coupons with me during a shopping trip and place the coupons under the products in the stores I visit.  So if shopper is going to buy Reactine and your $2 off coupon is there, chances are they will use it and when they do,  you get 6 points for it!

So you are probably wondering what kind of gifts cards they have for 100 points?  Well here is the list:

Gift Cards for 100 Points:

$25 Indigo Gift Card
$25 Gift Card
$25 The Ultimate Dining Card (Various Restaurants)
$25 Cineplex Gift Card
$25 iTunes Gift Card

So as you can see, signing up to Healthy Essentials is very easy and provides you with generous rewards for doing simple things.  Even the coupon savings for your favorite products can save you a ton of money in the course of a year!  You can sign up to Healthy Essentials here:


I Love You Till The End Necklace Sets

Get Ready for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is only a couple of weeks away so make it special for someone you love with this Stainless Steel Necklace Set at about 75% off the regular price!

This set includes 2 necklaces, one with a 18″ chain and one with a 22″ chain.  The set is made from stainless steel with cubic zirconia stones to add some sparkle.  If you are like a lot of couples and like matching sets, this is a perfect gift at a very reasonable price.

Be sure to order on while supplies last!

Little People Airport


It’s New Year’s Eve and I’m already shopping for Easter!  I am always looking for deals, and when I come across a good deal I will purchase it and save it for the next time I have to give someone a gift.

My grandson is obsessed with Little People, and today (Dec 31, 2016) Amazon has the Little People Airport on sale for almost 1/2 the price you would pay at other stores like Walmart.  So I ordered one, and will give it to him for Easter.  Buying this way means you never have to run out at the last minute and pay full price for anything.  It also means if you run into tough times, you at least know you have that gift covered.  Having gone through difficult financial times, doing things like this offer me a sense of security.

If you have a little one you buy gifts for, be sure to grab one up before the price goes up!

Purchase the Little People Airport here.

Saving on Gravy


I make homemade gravy whenever possible and any leftovers I freeze to use on nights when we have things like meatloaf or mashed potatoes.  Sometimes though, I have to use either powdered or canned gravy.

Since I prefer homemade, I really don’t have much of a preference as to what kind but I do pay attention to prices.

Popular canned gravy like Franco American currently sells for about $1.15 at Walmart and the can equals about 1 cup.  Powdered gravy such as Club House runs for about $1.45 and also makes 1 cup.  There is one exception though, the Club House Au Jus Dipping Sauce makes 2 cups, so ends up being the best deal.

So when Club House Gravies go on sale for 99¢ a package I stock up and get 2 cups of gravy for only 99¢.  Now it isn’t thick like gravy but that is easily remedied by adding a teaspoon of cornstarch in a wee bit of water to thicken it or using flour.

Now it’s only a small amount of money savings over the course of the year but $10 here and $20 there adds up.  It is the small changes you make that end up making a big difference over time.