This Weeks Grocery Deals Ending April 25/18

Grocery Deals Week Ending April 25, 2018
Remember, you can price match at both Walmart and Superstore (Real Canadian Superstore) Also remember that CO51 regularly offers great cash back offers on diapers. This week it is $4 on Huggies and Pull Ups. Use all of the CO51 offers I mentioned this week and you can claim $17 in Cash back (even more if you take advantage of their other offer

Dove Beauty Bar 2 pack – Regularly $3.27 at Walmart, on sale at Superstore for $1.98. Print out the $1.00 coupon from couponscanada.smartcanucks and claim the 75¢ cash back from CO51 to make these only 23¢ each. What is even better is you can print out 2 coupons AND claim 2 on CO51. If you don’t use this brand pick up two packages (4 bars total) and donate to the homeless at a cost of only 46¢ to you!!!

Chips Ahoy Thins: These are $2.77 each at Walmart, buy all 4 kinds and get $1.25 cash back from Checkout51 each plus a bonus $1 cashback for buying all 4. Regular cost of 4 is $11.08, buy all 4 and get $6 Cash back making these only $1.27 each. That is less than 1/2 price.

Kellog’s Frosted Flakes: 312-450g Regular Price $5.19 on sale at Superstore for $2.98.CO51 is offering 50¢ cash back bringing the price down to only $2.48 saving you $2.71

Charmin 20 triple rolls (20=60) regularly priced $23.98 is on sale at Superstore for $14.98. The regular price on this looks a little high, but .74¢ for a triple roll of Charmin is a good deal. pgeverday has a 50¢ coupon and CO51 is offering $1.50 cash back bringing the cost down to $12.98 for 20 triple rolls (.64¢ each) which is and amazing deal.

Dawn: 532ml is regularly priced $2.47 at Walmart. I.D.A. has it on sale for only $1.99. Use the 50¢ coupon from pgeverday and claim 50¢ cash back from CO51 to bring this down to only 99¢ saving you $1.48

Cascade Dishwasher Detergent 60 count is regularly priced $14.98 at Walmart. It is on sale at Food Basics for $12.88 Use the $1.00 off coupon from pgeverday and claim the $1.00 cash back from CO51 to bring this down to only $10.88 a savings of $4.10

Bounty 6 Double rolls (6=12) is normally priced $15.47 at Walmart but Zehrs has it on sale for $12.99. Use the 50¢off coupon from pgeverday and $1.00 Cash Back offer from CO51 to bring these down to only $11.49 a savings of $3.98

Iams 5.67 – 6.80kg is $21.98 at Walmart but PetSmart has it on sale for $18.49. Use the $4 off coupon from couponscanada.smartcanucks and claim the $5 Cash back from CO51 to lower this price to only $9.49 a savings of $12.49

Gain 4.43L is regularly priced $15.96 but is on sale at Walmart for only $8.77 which is a great deal but there is a $1 coupon on pgeverday to lower that price to only $7.77. What’s more if you stock up and buy 2 of them, there is a different coupon on pgeverday that gives you $3 off 2 of them which would lower the price to only $7.27 each. Now that’s saving!!

Sunchips – Various Varieties are on sale at Frescho for only $1 but the app Caddle is offering $1 cashback on each of the different flavors making these only $1 each!! (Caddle is like CO51 just not as many offers but they do have little 4 question surveys you can answer for 10¢ every week. You won’t make a killing off of it but every little bit counts)

Store Savings to Watch out

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter – 94¢
Cashmere 24 Double Rolls – $8.93

Coke 6pack of 710ml bottles normally $3.47 are on for only $2

Food Basics:
Lettuce 88¢
Corn on the Cob 5/$1.88
Selection Bacon: $1.88

No Frills:
Armstrong Cheese $3.77

Chicken Legs $1/lb

Tide Simply Clean 24-25 loads (1.09-1.18L) $2.22

Whole Boneless Pork Loin Cryovac $1.99 lb


FREE Lysol Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Print off this rebate form and when you buy Lysol Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner you will get a rebate for the amount you paid for it.

Offers like this are a great way to try new products or even save a few bucks here and there.

Lysol seems to do a lot of these “try it for free” deals so stay tuned for other ones as I will post them when I come across them.

Lysol Rebate Form:


Healthy Essentials Program

Save money, make money!

Healthy Essentials is a great way to save on Johnson & Johnson products as well as earning gift cards.  The program is simple, you earn points and when you reach 100 points you can then redeem them for gift cards.

Ways to Earn Points:

Print Coupons:  Earn 2 points for each of the first four coupons you print each week.

Redeem Coupons:  Earn 6 points for each coupon that you redeem at retail stores

Write Reviews:  Earn 4 points for each of the first three product reviews you write per calendar month

Healthy Essentials Listens:  Earn 8 points when you sign up for the HEALTHY ESSENTIALS® Listens Panel

Your Profile:  Earn 10 points when you complete your HEALTHY ESSENTIALS® member profile

Sign Up:  Earn 5 points just for signing up!

Now let’s go through this.  If you sign up (5 points), complete your profile(10 points) , join the Healthy Essential Listens(8 points), print out 4 coupons per week(32 points)  and write 3 reviews(12 points) in the first month, you will have earned 67 points.  Now if you redeem 6 coupons you will have earned enough to redeem a gift card.  Keep in mind, that these coupons are usually high value coupons.  Even if you don’t purchase any of their products, just by printing coupons every week you will earn 32 points a month and every 3 months or so you will quality for a gift card.  How simply is that?  What I do though, is bring my coupons with me during a shopping trip and place the coupons under the products in the stores I visit.  So if shopper is going to buy Reactine and your $2 off coupon is there, chances are they will use it and when they do,  you get 6 points for it!

So you are probably wondering what kind of gifts cards they have for 100 points?  Well here is the list:

Gift Cards for 100 Points:

$25 Indigo Gift Card
$25 Gift Card
$25 The Ultimate Dining Card (Various Restaurants)
$25 Cineplex Gift Card
$25 iTunes Gift Card

So as you can see, signing up to Healthy Essentials is very easy and provides you with generous rewards for doing simple things.  Even the coupon savings for your favorite products can save you a ton of money in the course of a year!  You can sign up to Healthy Essentials here: