Saving on Gravy


I make homemade gravy whenever possible and any leftovers I freeze to use on nights when we have things like meatloaf or mashed potatoes.  Sometimes though, I have to use either powdered or canned gravy.

Since I prefer homemade, I really don’t have much of a preference as to what kind but I do pay attention to prices.

Popular canned gravy like Franco American currently sells for about $1.15 at Walmart and the can equals about 1 cup.  Powdered gravy such as Club House runs for about $1.45 and also makes 1 cup.  There is one exception though, the Club House Au Jus Dipping Sauce makes 2 cups, so ends up being the best deal.

So when Club House Gravies go on sale for 99¢ a package I stock up and get 2 cups of gravy for only 99¢.  Now it isn’t thick like gravy but that is easily remedied by adding a teaspoon of cornstarch in a wee bit of water to thicken it or using flour.

Now it’s only a small amount of money savings over the course of the year but $10 here and $20 there adds up.  It is the small changes you make that end up making a big difference over time.